Leaders in financial advisory, planning, and growth

Serving the areas of Alberta and British Columbia

Duke Montane Financial Inc. exists to ensure clients have an optimal approach to their financial goals. We are highly accessible and work hard for every client. Our very purpose is to have superior solutions to the challenges of securing growth and income for your retirement, your estate, and your loved ones. Whether or not your interests include discussing the details of investing, insurance, and tax, we want to lend a hand in order for you to do the bigger thing – truly live life.

This enables the discussions you want, the answers you need.

We utilize a personable yet systematic client-relationship structure, built on the fundamentals of saving and retirement planning. Our accessibility to clients is a strongpoint, and our zeal for being the best keeps us committed.

We provide clients the opportunity to maximize their financial growth and security by scheduling to meet each year or every 6 months. We contact you to improve and maintain your investments in the many ways we can. The value, guarantees and financial privacy offered by the products with insurance companies make our brokerage a service in the interest of our clients.

We are attentive to an individual’s specific goals. We build and maintain our relationships by following-through, striving to be the best in personal service, and aiding in the successful attainment of financial goals. We are a powerful resource for the pursuit of a balanced life, a better retirement, and wonderful experiences.

The history of Duke Montane Financial Inc. began in 1984. The company was founded collaboratively as DT Associates Financial Counsel Inc. in Edmonton, Alberta, specializing in insurance, investments, and tax filing.

In 2009, the acquisition of another insurance business in Southeastern British Columbia expanded the company, and facilitated the opening of an office in Wardner, BC near Lake Koocanusa. The insurance-licenced divisions of both companies came together under the single name of Duke Montane Financial Inc. in 2014.

We pride ourselves on top-shelf service to our valued clients across the two provinces. Montane represents an ecozone containing 5 of B.C’s 8 coal mines, rich in forestry, cattle ranching, and the Rocky Mountains of the two popular National Parks in Alberta. It provides us a uniquely smooth sound to our company to characterize our stand-out service.

The Duke family business is shared by father and son. Jaymes Duke operates the business, which is licenced in Alberta and British Columbia. Born and raised in Sherwood Park, AB, Jaymes enjoys each return to Edmonton to serve clients and does so often, yet manages the majority of his work-week in the widespread area through Kootenay, BC, reaching clients person-to-person.