Business & Corporate

Execution within a business is a very powerful thing. We believe that when you have harnessed that and continue it year over year, it is essential to be investing in specific ways that fit your needs better than you may have thought possible. A corporate portfolio can include different risk components (some very low as well as some with higher prospect for returns) as well as liquidity including income distribution. This depends on the balance of the portfolio as a whole and the goals for each owner. Tax-efficiency and minimal tax-reporting complications are keys to success for every business.

Duke Montane Financial Inc. can certainly narrow in on the select capacity at which we can help you, refer you, and we are certainly the ones to talk to about insuring you. As owners, there is a lot at stake if a known risk is left uninsured to such a vital component of a company. Please contact us about an initial meeting to review options with you. We take confidentiality very seriously and our Privacy Policy is available as a bottom-link to each page on our site.

There are many needs for different stages:

  • Arrange to discuss your exit strategy for retirement and yearly up-keep of a plan that is tailored for you
  • Utilize products which can enhance tax-efficiency and creditor protection
  • Segregated Funds can add protection of your company's retained earnings, and can provide passive earnings to your company
  • Corporate Life insurance protects owners and their heirs, and can add a conservative way to achieve tax-sheltered growth
  • A Health Spending Account for owner/operators is the most tax-efficient way to provide health-spending that is covered by the business as an expense. It is very simple to set-up and just as convenient to use
  • Attract employees with benefit programs and retirement savings plans that ensure your employees are looked-after in these necessary aspects