Start Planning

Duke Montane Financial Inc. planning begins with a meeting to discuss key needs. From there, we can establish a path to success.

As a specialist in financial protection and savings, Duke Montane Financial is the right place to understand the product offerings from more than 15 of Canada's top insurance companies. In an age where companies are seeking to make the attainment of insurance contracts very convenient, it is all-the-more-important to have help from an advisor to distinguish which kind is best given your situation.

Our asset allocation strategies are pivotal to our client’s success. Read a bit about them on our Philosophy page.

We work daily, 300-and-some days-a-year to be able to have answers. Let’s have the discussions that give you them.

If you are already a client and have some changes to your needs, or you are new to us and still would like to know about how we can help, contact us directly or go over to the Request Service page.