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For current and new clients alike; keeping up with your life events is pivotal for achieving maximized results. We want to be there to ensure that with each change to your plan, you have the means to review your best options. If you have something going on such as downsizing your home, taking out a loan, purchasing a new home (with or without a mortgage), just had a child, are making your last mortgage payments (Congrats!), or any other significant change – make sure to take a minute to ask some questions by Contacting us. Review some of the questions or examples below – you may stand to save big or reduce your risk in a big way.

We specialize in several areas listed on this page. If you would like more information about any of the following, please give us a call at the relevant contact numbers on our Contact Us page.


  • I follow and track my investments closely – what are strategies that I may benefit from?
  • Reviewing the tax-efficiency of my personal and/or corporate savings or income
  • It's time to start RESP’s for the kids
  • I know that by paying insurance premiums early in life, I can save thousands of dollars in Estate Planning down the road.
  • Do I have corporately owned life insurance? If not, should I? If so, how can I use it?
  • I want to better my retirement plan
  • I keep it simple; I want to save monthly and shoot for 7% average returns. OR I keep it simple, I want a good and solid strategy to keep my money growing ahead of inflation.
  • I have a lump-sum investment to make; what are the risks and how can I work with the market risk to avoid unnecessary risk?
  • I am an investor with a need for liquidity.
  • What is the Home Buyer’s Plan for my RRSP’s?


  • I need to get insurance protection
  • I want to set up insurance with a long term perspective but I have so many short-term budgeting priorities. No problem, it can be done.
  • Reviewing my insurance coverages for long and short-term planning: Life, Critical Illness, Disability, Health and Dental Benefits. Am I fully covered? Am I paying too much?
  • Can the money I use for my current insurance premiums be better-spent?
  • Are my beneficiaries up to date?
  • How long will my current plan last? For term insurance, what features or opportunities should I take note of now before I am forced to look at them?
  • I am leaving my group plan from work, what are my options?
  • I have a history with my health, what are my best options?
  • I am taking out a new loan
  • How can I pay my mortgage down faster?


  • What will my government benefits be?
  • Looking at my Estate Plan; how can I save money? Have I considered everything I should be considering?
  • I am retiring and would like a better overall understanding of my returns, my income, and how long my money can last
  • I sold a business – how can I save on my taxable investments through sound strategies when I invest?
  • I want to know my investments are secure and not worry about them; what are the best ways to do this?
  • I have locked-in retirement savings. What legislation is applicable for unlocking and managing them?
  • I want someone trustworthy, accessible, and keeps me up-to-date, making sure I retire with a strong plan and will be there for my family without hesitation.
  • What kind of benefits are there in utilizing investment funds that bypass probate?